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What Is The Process To Disable DHCP On Linksys Wireless Router?

Are you using a router that is acting as a DHCP server on your network? If yes, then you will have to disable DHCP from the second router. The reason why this step is important is that double NAT can give rise to unwanted issues on your network. If you are using a VoIP network, then the rate of problem is going to be much higher. It doesn’t matter if you are able to receive a dial tone and are also able to make good quality two-way audio calls, it is important for you to disable NAT on all other routers, except main NAT router or else the problem will occur.

When it comes to configuring the Linksys router would be to connect an Ethernet cable directly from your computer to any of the four Ethernet ports given on the back of Linksys wireless router setup. After that, the router and computer need to be turned on. When your computer is turned on, launch a web browser, enter in the address bar and hit ‘Enter’.

As you do so, a box will appear on the screen asking you to enter a ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’. You don’t have to enter anything in ‘User Name’ field and as for password, you need to enter ‘admin’ in lowercase. Once you enter the details, click ‘Enter’.

You will see a setup page opening up in the web browser. Therefore, you are going to see a DHCP server check box or a DHCP tab depending upon the firmware version that you have. If you have a checkbox, you need to uncheck it or disable it. In case, you have a DHCP tab, click on it followed by disabling ‘DHCP server’. Click on ‘Apply’ button followed by clicking ‘Continue’ if prompted.

Now, go back to the setup page, and as you do so, change the LAN IP address to the one corresponding to other routers subnet. For example, if the IP address of other router is, then you will have to change the wireless router’s LAN address to, and if the LAN address of other router is, then you will have to use the one, which corresponds to its subnet like

The last thing for you to do is connect the two devices. For that, you need to switch off both devices and connect an Ethernet cable into one of the regular ports of the first router, which is going to act as DHCP server. After that, you need to connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Uplink port or the wireless router. In case, the Linksys router model you are using doesn’t have an uplink port, then you will have to connect it to a regular internet port. Finally, power up the routers and you will get a link LED on the port of the main router where the wireless router is plugged in.

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