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What Are The Steps To Connect Cannon Printer To Linksys Router?

By using Linksys routers, you can share your personal computer and common printer along with the network. Linksys routers have the ability to connect the printers directly to them. After connecting the Cannon printer to the router, you can easily get the print of your document from any machine connected to the same network. A printer server service offered by Linksys routers is used to accomplish this task. It assigns an IP address to the printer, so this same address will be received on all the computers connected to the router. When you give a command to print. It will print at once.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps to connect the cannon printer to the router. No matter, which model of canon printer you are using. You can link any printer to the Linksys router setup.

Step 1: Turn on the Canon printer first and hook-up Linksys router. Open your computer which is connected to the internet. Enter the IP address of your router in the search bar and press ‘Enter’. The default login address is for all Linksys routers. If you have not changed the default login details, then enter the username and password same as the one written behind the box. The default credentials are ‘Admin’ and ‘Password’.

Step 2: Click on the label ‘Setup print server’ from the main or home page of the router. The process will then get started for canon printer.

Step 3: Tap ‘Next’ and keep on pressing it, till you find ‘Refresh’ button on the screen. Click ‘Refresh’ thereafter. This will help in obtaining the fresh IP address for Canon Printer. Click ‘Next’ to move to the next step.

Step4: Once you click the ‘Next’ button, you will find the screen gets refreshed. And to refresh the IP address of your Canon printer, do click on ‘Next’ window.

Step 5: Search and click on the option which says, ‘Automatically assign IP addresses. When you select this setting, you will find the router gets the new IP address every time you started. Tap ‘Next’.

Step 6: Enter the username and password for configuring the printer settings on the router. This will restrict the printer from being used by Authorized users only. No, the third person can log in can start using it. Tap ‘Next’.

Step 7: Enter the login details of your router. If you want to keep the username and password as it is or you can say ‘Default one’ then simply click ‘Next’.

Step 8: Keep on pressing the ‘Next’ option from the end of the page until you find the ‘Test Print’ option. Click on ‘Test print’ to forward the page to the printer. This will confirm that the canon printer is successfully linked to the home network. You can print as many things you want.

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