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Stepwise Instructions To Use Linksys Smart Router App On iPhone Or Ipad

Do you know the complete functions and features accessible from the router app installed on your iPhone or iPad? If no, then keep on reading the content.

  • Open Linksys app from the iOS and click on ‘Blue icon’ given along the Wi-Fi networking icon.
  • Before going to further steps, ensure that the router is linked to the Linksys ID. You can link the router with the help of the WPS button or by entering the serial number and admin password manually.

Follow on-screen instructions given on the app screen to connect to the ID.

  • There is no need to connect the router to the Wireless network for accessing the features from the app. If you want to check the router broadcasting function, login is a must.
  • Open Linksys dashboard: You can open the main menu of your Linksys router setup by launching the dashboard through the app. Here, all the devices currently connected to the router and the internet status will be displayed on the screen. Along with this, you can check the frequency and band used for transmitting or receiving the information.
  • Tapping on the device list will display all the devices that are currently connected to the router. You will find ‘whether the router is offline or online’ from this window.
  • There is a virtual switch given on the app from where you can enable or disable the Guest Wi-Fi. If no friend is accessing the router, you can turn off the feature.

Hamburger menu: Open Hamburger menu to check the additional settings available only on the app page.

  • Devices: You can see the list of devices which are currently connected to the router. If you want to add priority to any device or set up parental controls on any device, then do it from the app itself. Apart from this, the IP address allocated to each device will be displayed on the screen along with the ‘Details’ of the device.
  • Wi-Fi settings: Under this option, all the details related to the Wi-Fi name and password are given on the screen. You can change or set a password for your wireless network from this option. If you want to set any security key for any band, go to ‘Advanced settings’. You can turn off the bands and connect the device through the WPS button.
  • Guest Access: This tab will provide details related to the guest band which is enabled on the router. You can unhide the password of your Guest Wi-Fi from the app and share it through the ‘Share’ button. If you want to restrict a number of devices you can connect to the guest network, you can do easily from the same menu.
  • Parental controls: With this option, you can stop any device from accessing the internet. You can schedule the parental controls for a future time period.
  • If you want to prioritize any particular device, move forward by pressing the ‘Priority’ option.

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