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How To Troubleshoot Linksys Mobile Broadband Router?

Your Linksys Mobile Broadband Router sends and receives wireless signals that allow you to connect devices such as computers, phones, or printers together in a network. The signal may not always be transmitted without problems, however, because there are several different hardware or software issues that may appear when using your network.

Troubleshooting these issues may require a software update, setting the settings, or even returning the router to its factory state. If you think you might not be able to do these steps, then it is better to take help of Linksys Router help and support.


The Linksys broadband router uses a type of software, which is called firmware that acts as a buffer between the hardware and the operating system of a computer. Corrupted or out-of-date firmware can cause conflicts with an operating system and prevent the router from operating, which is why Linksys regularly releases firmware updates. Downloading and installing the latest firmware available on the Linksys Support Web site resolves issues that prevent the router from communicating with computers or other network devices.

Security settings

Several different security encryption options are available on the “Wireless Security” tab of the router’s advanced web-based menu utility via the web address “” Not all computers or other network devices are capable of to recognize and work with each type of encryption, such as “WEP”, “WPA” or “WPA -2.” Switching to a lower security type with less advanced encryption allows computers with more network cards to establish a connection with the router.

Physical interference

The wireless signal from your Linksys router setup is limited by both a physical range of approximately 100 feet, as well as by objects that may interfere with the signal. Large metal or glass objects or even thick walls even, limit the signal and prevent devices from connecting to the router. Placing the router closer to your network devices and removing obstacles between the router and the computer improves the signal quality. You need to make the line of sight as clear as possible in order to ensure that the strong signal strength coming to your devices for smooth internet access.

Router reset

Although changing the settings may resolve some issues with the router, in some cases, incorrect settings may actually prevent the router from connecting with your devices. Your computer may be unable to find the router if port forwarding or network translation options are changed manually. All Linksys routers include a button on the back panel to perform a hard reset, which removes all current security password, network, and device settings, and then restores all default options. When you reset the router, the settings are changed to factory defaults, all the problems will be fixed automatically.

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