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How To Setup The Linksys Router With An Android Or Ios Device?

Gone are the days when people depend on the computer for everything. Now, it has been rarely used and most people use their smartphones or tablets for routine work. In the same way, if you want to setup a Linksys router setup with a home network, then it is possible too without requiring a computer.

Nevertheless, to say, smartphones have limited capabilities still, you can configure the router through it without any problem. You might be wanting to know, how? Well, we are going to discuss it in the coming up steps.

Setup with Android

1.Unlock your smartphone with the screen pattern or code.

2.Turn on the Linksys router by connecting the power adapter to the supply.

3.Wait till the lights turn solid green.

4.Open Wi-Fi menu of your phone and search for Linksys router’s SSID from the list. The SSID comprises of brand name and number.

5.You need to enter the password for the same SSID.

6.Once connected, launch a web browser from phone and enter the IP address of your router to get into the settings page. Before this, you will be asked to enter the login details for the router.

7.Enter the Username as ‘Admin’ and password as ‘Password’ in the next couple of boxes.

8.A ‘Successfully connected’ message will then get displayed on the screen.

Steps for setting up a Linksys router with an iOS device

1.Turn on the router and wait till it completely gets booted. You will find solid green light on the top of it.

2.By making use of the Wireless menu, open ‘SSID list’ from the menu.

3.Search for Linksys router’s SSID and click to connect to it.

4.Enter the password for the same SSID. The SSID is also written at the back of router hardware.

5.Click to get connected.

6.You are now prompted to enter the password.

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