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How To Re-Enable Wireless Networks On Mac?

Are you dealing with wireless network related problems in your Mac computer? Well, there is no need to hit the panic button, as this is a very common problem that can be fixed by following a certain set of steps, which you can find in this tutorial.

If you use a Mac and want to quickly restore the wireless connections configured on your computer, do this: go to System Preferences by clicking on the icon with the gear in the Dock bar, go to the Network section of the panel that opens and selects the item Wi-Fi from the left sidebar.

At this point, click on the button – (the minus symbol) located at the bottom left and press Apply to momentarily “forget” all the wireless connections to your Mac.

When the operation is complete, presses the + button (the plus symbol) located at the bottom left, select the Wi-Fi item from the Interface drop-down menu and click OK to reset the wireless connections. Finally, click on the network icon next to the OS X clock (the Wi-Fi cleats), select the network that did not work before or was no longer displayed and enter the password to activate it.

If this technique does not work, try opening the Keychain Access application in the ‘Other’ folder on the Launchpad, search for your wireless network password and delete it. Then repeat from scratch the procedure that I just showed you and everything should work properly again.

Re-enable wireless networks in the modem/outer

Do you want to find out how to re-enable a wireless network that should already be active but is not detected by any of your devices? In this case, you need to act on the router control panel and look for the solution to the problem.

To access the control panel of your router, open the browser and connect to the address or (if you don’t succeed, read my guide on how to enter the router). Then type the combination of username and password needed to enter the panel (if you haven’t changed it, it should be admin / admin or admin / password) and go to the wireless settings of the router.

At this point, put the check mark next to the item Enable SSID transmission (or SSID broadcast) to activate the unencrypted transmission of the wireless network and click on the Apply/save button to save the settings.

If the setting relating to the transmission of the wireless network is already active, try to completely reset the router by going to its Advanced Settings and selecting the option to reset the device to factory settings. Within a couple of minutes, the router will reactivate and it will be like just out of the box. You will then have to reconfigure it completely but in this way, you should be able to correct the connectivity problems.

Unfortunately, we cannot be more precise in my indications as each brand of modem/router has a differently structured administration panel. If you want more detailed instructions, try reading my tutorials dedicated to configuring the various modem and router models.

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