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How To Manual Setup Wireless Network Of Linksys Router?

Here are some instructions to set up a wireless network of Linksys Router Setup manually. There are two types of routers used these days. First one is single-band and other one is Dual-band router.

If you are using a single-band router, then only the steps will be applicable to it. In case, you are using a dual-band router, there are 2 lists one for 5 GHz frequency and other for 2.4 GHz.

To set up the wireless network manually on a Linksys router, you are required to implement the following.

Accessing the web-based setup page of the router.

Configuring the wireless settings of the router.

Accessing the web-based setup page of the router

1st step: Go to web-based setup page by opening the web browser like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. You can also directly enter in the URL bar followed by pressing ‘Enter’.

2nd step: You need to enter the login details. Enter username in the first field and password in the next field.  Press ‘OK’.

Configuring wireless settings of the router

The wireless settings totally depend on the type of router you are using. There are mainly two types of routers; Wireless-N routers and Wireless G, B, and A routers.

Wireless-N routers

1st step: Open web-based setup page and click ‘Wireless’ tab.

2nd step: Select Manual configuration view.

3rd step: Tap on ‘Mixed’ from ‘Network mode’ drop-down list. This is recommended for multiple devices with different wireless standards.

4th step: Enter the SSID of your choice.

5th step: Select ‘Auto’ from the channel width option.

6th step: If you want to select non-overlapping channels, then select 1, 6 and 11.

7th step: Select preferred SSID broadcast settings. If you want to publically display the network name, then click ‘Enable’.

8th step: Click ‘Save’ settings.

Wireless-G, B, and A routers

1st step: Go to ‘Wireless’ tab from the web-based setup page.

2nd step: Go to ‘Mixed’.

3rd step: Enter desired SSID for the wireless network from the field given.

4th step: Select the preferred channel from the drop-down list. The channels recommended are 1, 6 and 11.

5th step: Select your wireless SSID broadcast settings. To publicly display the network name, click ‘Enable’.

After performing the steps given above, you will be able to connect to the wireless network. In case you find any problem, you can ask the experts, they will solve the problem instantly.

Expanding the network

You can easily expand the range of your wireless signal where it is hard to reach in your home. If more than one product is added to the same network, then the extender will accommodate more device for gaming and entertainment. The product used for expanding the network is ‘Range extender’. You can know more about the product from the online product page.

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