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How To Fix Wireless Connection Problems In Linksys WAG54GS

For those who are using Linksys WAG54GS wireless router and facing connection problems should read the entire guide because they are going to find out the solutions to various connection problems that arise in this particular model of Linksys Router.

Wireless connection problems with the Linksys WAG54GS Wireless Router

Linksys WAG54GS is a wireless router with an integrated 4-port switch and an ADSL 2+ modem. Once connected to the telephone line, no problem as long as you connect via an Ethernet cable. The problems begin when you try to connect via Wi-Fi.

The router does not want to know how to manage the connection regardless of

  1. DHCP enabled or disabled
  2. WEP/WPA wireless security enable or disable
  3. Win/Mac/Linux operating system

If you try to connect with Mac OSx, Airport fails miserably with a simple but inconceivable error. If you try to connect with Windows, an “automatic” IP is assigned, completely out of the network range (which by default is 192.168.1.x). Don’t try to connect by manually assigning an IP, as you will get the same result, i.e., unable to connect.

The solution

First of all, it is my duty to mention the source of the solution to my problem.

Without the serious thread problem with wireless on the Linksys WAG54GS Wireless ADSL Router and the GB119 intervention,it is still recommended to go through the configuration settings of the router and the computer.

  1. Connect to the router via cable
  2. Activate debug mode by accessing the URL via a browser. Replace with the IP of your router, if different.

The router should reply to you with a Debug Enable! message Debug Enable!

  1. Open the DOS prompt from the START> Run menu and type cmd.
  2. Connect via telnet to the router by typing the telnet string telnet replacing with the IP of your router.

In response, you should get a sequence like that

Connected to <IP address>.

Escape character is ‘^]’.

BusyBox v1.00 (2006.05.04-09: 08 + 0000) Built-in shell (ash)

Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands.


  1. Now enter the following command to check the status of the ethernet bridge and the wireless bridge

brctl show

In response, you should get a type string

bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces

br0 8000.001310d14040 no eth0

  1. If nothing else is written than what is indicated, then you have been unlucky like me. Cisco forgot to activate the wireless bridge and everything you tried up to 1 minute ago was completely useless.

If it says anything else, especially a wl0 entry under eth0 … sorry baby, this tutorial can’t help you.

  1. Now add the wireless interface to the bridge by typing the following string

brctladdif br0 wl0

  1. Relaunch the command

brctl show

In response, you should now get a type string

bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces br0 8000.001310d14040 no eth0


  1. Cross your fingers and retry the wireless connection.

If you have set the settings too low, reset the router to the default configuration before trying this tutorial.

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