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How To Fix ‘Linksys WLAN Connection Not Flashing’ Problem?

The LED link indicators on the front panel of the Linksys Wireless router setup show the router’s power and the status of the connection, including the WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network – connection status. The Linksys wireless Internet connection indicator flashes only when a connected computer, mobile device, or other wireless device is transmitting or receiving data over the wireless network of the router. About the connection LED Indicators

Linksys wireless router panel indicator lights provide a quick way for users to view router status. In addition to the WLAN indicator light, the router includes separate LED indicators for each Ethernet port, external broadband Internet connection, and power status. The router also has an LED indicator for the DMZ – Demilitarized Zone- network security feature. An illuminated LED indicates that the connection or service is active.

WLAN Connection Indicator Light

The WLAN LED indicator lights up green when powered from the router on and the Wi-Fi network is active. The indicator flashes or flashes only when a device is connected to the wireless network of the router and is actively transmitting or receiving data over the network. For example, the indicator will not blink if a portable computer or mobile device is connected to the wireless network, but not actually using the network. Try to access the wireless network with a computer or smartphone to see if the indicator light starts blinking. If this does not happen, but you can still access the network normally, there is no reason to worry.

Wireless Activation

A WLAN LED that does not light solid green indicates that the wireless network is not active. You can enable the network by logging into web pages of the Linksys router setup configuration. If the wireless network is not working, you must log in to a computer connected to the router with an Ethernet cable. Go to “” in the web browser and enter the router login username and password in the applicable fields. Click “Wireless” in the main menu, followed by “Basic Wireless Settings”. Select your preferred wireless mode from the options, and then click the “Save Settings” button.


If you have already activated the wireless network, but the WLAN light still does not light up, try to solve the problem. If you can still access the wireless network, but the indicator does not light, there may be a problem with the actual LED indicator. If you want the indicator replaced, check the router’s help documentation for service and repair details.

If you cannot access the wireless network, try turning the router on and on again to clear any hardware or software failures. If this does not work, a factory reset will reset the router to its original state. Press and hold the red reset button on the back of the router for five seconds. The router will power off and on again during the reboot process. Keep in mind that the reset will clear all your settings and preferences, and you will have to configure the router again.

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