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How To Eradicate ‘Invalid Certificate’ Error From The Linksys Wireless Routers?

There are some Firefox browser users who while using the internet with the Linksys router are getting ‘Invalid certificate’ error on screen. They are getting this error only on Linksys wireless router admin interface. They are keen to know the solution to this problem so that they can get back to seamless internet access.

If you are among those who are getting this annoying message on screen, then fix through the below-mentioned steps.

Click on the link given at the bottom of the error page or add an exception.
Click on ‘Exception button’ and go to ‘Get certificate’ which you will find on the next screen.
Tap ‘Confirm security exception’ button and go to the next page.
After this, you will find no such message display on the screen when you connect to the router. If you are still getting the same or similar message like ‘Certificate not trusted’, ‘Certificate not valid’ on the screen, then the possible fixes to get rid of this problem are discussed here as under:

The reason why users are getting this error is the corrupted certificates of Cisco Linksys available in the device and to fix these, you can go through the tricks given below:

From the Firefox browser, go to ‘Tools’ and click on ‘Advanced’ menu.
Here, you will find the ‘Encryption’ tab.
Check the certificates by clicking on the ‘View’ button.
Check all the authorities’ certificate and scroll down to locate the cisco Linksys certificate.
Highlight the option and click ‘Delete’.
Go to the ‘Servers’ tab and check the certificate shown on the screen. Highlight the same and delete.
After the previous step, go back to the Firefox screen and reconnect to the internet using the router’s IP address.
Now, when you re-open the page, you will find the same connection failed message on the screen. Follow the steps as discussed earlier to add an exception to the Linksys certificate added recently.
You will find the certificates authenticated successfully and you will no longer find any error message on the screen.
If you are using Internet Explorer 7 and facing the same problem on it, then you can bypass this message by clicking ‘Continue’ to the website. This action is even recommended by experts. So, you can implement the same without any problem.

By doing this, the internet explorer 7 can be authenticated on your home wireless router which is much easier than that of Mozilla Firefox. If you have any query or question, you can ask from experts.

Description: Invalid certificate error on the Mozilla Firefox screen with Linksys router are common and mainly appears if there is some authentication problem with the servers or the certificates are not valid.

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