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How To Configure Linksys Router With Internet Through Classic Web-Based Setup Page?

Configuring up Linksys routers with a Cable Internet Service can be performed by two ways, either injecting the installation CD or manually changing your router’s configurations. If you have Linksys Wifi Routers and Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router setup, then you should use the Linksys Connect Software.

To configure a Linksys router, you need to follow these 4 procedures using the system i.e computer which is registered to your ISP:

  • Check whether the internet is enabled
  • Connect devices together.
  • Check verify router LEDs.
  • Setup router for Cable internet connection.

QUICK TIP:  To reset an old used router, reconfigure the router to defaults setting.  To perform this action, press and hold the Reset button of your router for the duration of 5 seconds.  The Reset button is often located at the back of the router.

Checking that Internet connection is active

Attach the computer to the Cable modem through an Ethernet cable.  If your computer is receiving an Internet connection, you may follow the next procedure.  In case you’re not receiving, try contacting or visit your ISP.

NOTE:  Some of the Cable modems have their USB ports set up by the ISP to send your computer the Internet connection.  If the manual connection is coming through a USB port, you will not be able to go online using an Ethernet connection.  Contact or visit your ISP to have the Ethernet port of the modem you’ve changed.

Connecting devices with each other

We have used Linksys E4200.

1st step

Attach the Cable modem to the router’s WAN or Internet port.

2nd Step 
Connect a computer to one of the router’s numbered ports.  If you are a wireless computer user, you first need an Ethernet cable to connect.

3rd Step 3
Plug in the router to the power supply with a power adapter.

Verifying the router’s LEDs

After connecting the devices with each other, verify the lights on the front panel of the router.  Ensure that the lights perform according to the ports where the Ethernet cables are connected.

 Setting up a Linksys router for Cable Internet connection

1st step
Check the router’s web-based setup page.  Launch any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.  Enter “” in the address bar then press enter.

2nd step

You will then find your login details. Try leaving the User name field blank and type “admin” in the Password section. Press OK.

3rd Step

On the Setup section, click MAC Address Clone section.

4th Step
Opt for Enabled then click on ‘Clone My PC’s MAC’.

5th step

Click ‘Save’.

Inspect the connection status   
once the MAC Address Clone feature is turned on, Internet status should be enabled.  To inspect the Internet Connection status, follow the procedures below.
Configuration – DHCP.
Click on the Status tab.

Check IP address. If you find the router numbers in the address, then it means your router is successfully connected to the internet. If you find values in the field, then it means your router is not configured. You have to refresh the browser.

Now, you can start using internet services. If you are still having any trouble, we suggest you perform resetting of the modem, Linksys Router setup, and computer.

After successfully configuring the router, you can connect as many devices as you want to the router and start browsing the internet on it.

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