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Here’s How To Get The Forgotten Password Of Your E4200 Linksys Router?

By default, the login password for E4200 router is ‘Admin’ and is case-sensitive. At the same time, we want to mention here that this router doesn’t have a default username.

The default IP address to log in to the E4200 page is This address is used to connect the router to the login page.

What if E4200 Default password doesn’t work?

If the default password doesn’t work on your E4200 Linksys router setup or you are unable to login, then someone else might have changed the password or you have forgotten it.

That’s the time when you are to select a new password for login. It’s important from a security point of view. However, it’s not easy to figure out whether you have forgotten the password or someone has changed it without your knowledge. With the help of simple reset, you can easily bring the router settings to default and this will also reset the password to default.

Here’s How to reset E4200 router?

  1. Check whether the router is properly connected to the power supply and is turned on or not.
  2. You can easily identify by checking the light on the router. If it is turning on, then it means the power is on.
  3. Place the router above your height to check the buttons available on it.
  4. With a small or sharp pointed pen, you can press the reset button from the back for at least 5-10 seconds.
  5. Keep the button pressed until you find all the lights started flashing on the hardware. You will find the Ethernet port light at the back of the router.
  6. Now, you will have to wait for 30 seconds so that Linksys E4200 get reset.
  7. Unplug the power adapter from the supply and wait for some seconds.
  8. Plug in the power supply to the router and wait till the router booting gets finished.
  9. After this, the router is fully reset, you can access the router by entering in the web browser. Enter ‘admin’ in the password field. When you perform the reset function, all the details including ‘Custom settings’, username and password will be reset. You will have to re-enter the complete information again from starting. It also includes SSID, wireless password, etc.

Can’t Access the E4200 router?

If you have never changed the IP address of your router, then you will be able to access it with the default address but in case you have changed it, then nothing to worry and no need to reset to check the current IP address.

Just check the default gateway of your router that is configured on the computer during the router setup. This is the same as that of IP address. To get the details of the IP address, you can go to ‘Preferences’ followed by ‘Network’. Under the network, you will find the ‘TCP/IP’ option.

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