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Configure Media And File Server On Linksys Smart Wi-Fi With Easy Steps

All Linksys routers coming these days in the market have Fire Server feature built-in with the help of which you can plug USB drive and open all files be it your favorite music, movie or picture. You can access it from any part of the world.

After configuring it properly, you can access media files remotely through Linksys smart Wi-Fi router setup feature without any need of a desktop server.

Step 1: Format hard drive

To start with the process, you need a hard drive or USB flash drive. Apart from this, you need movies, music, and photos. For your information, we want to mention here that Linksys router support FAT32 and NTFS format so make sure that you are using the drive of this format.

Connect the drive with the computer and search for ‘Windows Explorer’. Right click on ‘Drive icon’ and select ‘Properties’.

Now, you have to check the file system for the drive you used to partition volume.

If the file system is already correct, move forward to the next section. You can re-format it by clicking on ‘Drive’ again and select ‘Format’ option.

Select either FAT32 or NTFS from the list of the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Add movies, photos and music to drive

After formatting the drive, it’s time to add movie, music or photos you want to share on the server. Just drag and drop the files from computer to flash drive using ‘File Explorer’.

Don’t forget to check the file type of media you are going to add on the drive as there are some formats which are no longer supported by the device. For instance, if you have.Mov file type, it will not work on Android device. In the same manner .flv file type is not at all supported by the iPhone and iOS system. If you want to convert one file type to another, you can search for software online.

Step 3: Plug drive into Linksys router

After copying the data from computer to drive, connect it to the Linksys router. Sign-in to the Smart Wi-Fi dashboard by visiting login link. You can open this link from any web browser. Enter the details like login username and password in the given field. If you are a new user, then first register yourself and then click on ‘Sign-in’ box.

If the USB drive is properly recognized, you will find a window highlighting the same on the screen.

There is a small icon on screen from where you can check the storage space of your drive and check the status of servers whether they are on or off. Click to manage external storage. A new window will then get opened on the screen.

Here, all the ways by which you can access the drive will be displayed along with the status including media server.

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