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A Complete Guide To Setup And Secure Linksys WRT 1200 AC Router

Linksys develop routers which are famous for its reliable and smooth operation. You can connect as many numbers of devices as you want to the internet connection with the help of Linksys router provided it must be properly configured on the network. If you are owning a WRT 1200 AC router and want to set it up, then follow simple steps mentioned on the page.

These steps will work on Linksys Router Setup and you will be able to protect the router with the username and password.

Setting up initially

  1. Connect the antenna to either side of the router.
  2. Turn on your router by connecting it to the power supply.
  3. Connect the router to the modem with Ethernet cable.
  4. Open wireless settings from the computer by pressing on the right corner of the screen.
  5. Connect the router to the network by clicking on its name available under ‘Networks and devices’.
  6. Enter the password included in the router.
  7. Open setup page from the internet if not opened automatically.
  8. Click to agree to terms and conditions.
  9. Click ‘Next’.

How to protect your router?

When you configure a router, there is a default password included in it which you need to change for security reasons. This password can’t be easily guessed by someone until or unless you disclose it.

How to protect the router from unauthorized users or being tracked by an intruder?

  • Run Automatic updates: Click on the box which says, ‘Automatic update’ allow. When any new update is available, you will get a notification for it and the same will start downloading automatically.
  • Select new network name and password: Select a password that can’t be easily guessed. There is an option to change the network name from the settings menu. Click to change it.
  • Wait till the settings get personalized.
  • Wait for the next 10 minutes till the settings get enabled.
  • Connect to the new network: Now, you have to connect the device to the new network by clicking on the name from the list. Here, you will have to enter a new password for authentication.
  • Create a router password: The router password is different from that of the network password. To change any settings, you need a router password and to connect to the network, you need a network password.

If you want to use smart Wi-Fi app with Linksys router, then login is required. With the app installed in a smartphone, you can easily change the settings of the router. You can set the parental control, schedule settings and create a guest network on the router. If you are using the app for the first time, the Guest mode will be automatically enabled. You can share guest mode with relatives or close friends of yours.

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